Art.Nr.  580872
Geschlecht: Uni
Rahmengröße: 16"-Laufrad

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Teaching and learning to ride is a breeze with Precaliber 16. It has a handle built into the saddle so you can guide while they ride, and tool-free training wheels that are super easy to install and remove. It's a great fit for kids ages 4-5 between 39-46˝ tall.

It's finally time to teach your little one to ride! You want to make it a great memory, so you're looking for a bike that's comfortable, durable, and fun. Simplicity is key, and you want to be able to pop off the training wheels easily when the time is right.

This kid-friendly bike has a handle integrated right into the saddle so you can help guide your child while they ride, plus a coaster brake and tool-less training wheels that can be installed and removed at the turn of a dial. Plus, the lightweight aluminum frame is easy to maneuver.

You want to make sure your child's first bike is comfortable, durable, and fun. Each of our bikes, all the way down to the smallest size, is built to our highest standards, so you can feel confident when you choose Trek for your family.
- This bike is a memory-maker: seeing your child ride their bike for the first time is something you'll never forget
- This bike is hand-me-down heaven: it's built to last, so younger siblings can inherit this bike and it'll still feel like new
- Investing in a kids' bike from an established bike brand is worth it—Trek kids' bikes are designed and assembled by people who know bikes
- You can replace the saddle's integrated handle with an integrated light mount when your child starts adventuring on their own
- Like all Precaliber bikes, the frame is lower so it's easier for kids to stand over and hop on and off

Geschlecht: Uni

Rahmen: Alpha Silver Aluminium, 16-Zoll-Kinderrahmen

Rahmengröße: 16"-Laufrad

Rahmenmaterial: Aluminium

Gangschaltung: Rücktrittbremse, 19 Z., 120 mm, Bolt-on

Anzahl Gänge: 1

Reifen: Bontrager XR1, Drahtwulstkern, 27 TPI, 16 x 2.25

Gabel: Stahl, 16", gewindeloser 1"-Gabelschaft

Kurbelsatz: Aluminium, 26 Z., Kettenschutz, 90 mm Länge
Vierkantachse, 68 mm, gedichtetes Patronenlager

Kette: HV410, 1/2 x 1/8

Steuersatz: Gewindeloser Steuersatz, 1"

Lenker: Kids, Stahl, 25,4 mm Klemmdurchmesser, 80 mm Rise, 500 mm Breite

Lenkervorbau: Bontrager Approved, Aluminium, 25,4 mm Klemmdurchmesser, 15 Grad Rise, 50 mm

Lenkerband Griffe: Kids, 107 mm Breite

Sattel: Kids, gepolstert, integrierte Sattelstütze, mit Griff

Räder: Aluminium, 16", 28-Loch, Schrader-Ventil
Stahl, 100 mm, Bolt-on
Rücktrittbremse, 19 Z., 120 mm, Bolt-on

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